Décolletage ELBE

Manufacturer of turned parts for the air air handling industry

We manufacture parts for the air handling industry.

Décolletage ELBE

Manufacture of machined parts for air treatment

We manufacture parts such as:

  • valve seats
  • knob
  • fitting
  • ...

The parts are machined from various materials, in particular aluminium or brass, with the possibility of treatments such as nickel plating.

Brass parts for air and gas treatment

For example, we produce valve seats in nickel-plated brass.

This type of part can be manufactured in series of 1000 pieces.

Nickel-plated brass fittings

These fittings are part of measuring instruments and are manufactured in series of 10,000 parts.

Aluminium part for air treatment

Anodised aluminium knob for the pneumatic sector.

We can produce this type of knob from 1000 pieces.

Nickel silver part decolletage

This part is an example of a nickel silver spool. It is used in the manufacture of micro-electro valves.

We can machine these parts in series of 300,000 pieces.